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极速时时彩开奖: Training & Development

We place high emphasis on the career advancement of employees and have set up a full-fledged and unique training system, which includes:

Corporate Culture Training

Top-ranking enterprises rely on corporate cultures, and this is why LKKHPG always emphasizes the integration of corporate culture into the Company’s operation. By carrying out corporate culture workshops with strong corporate features on a regular basis and combining the circulatory system of “learn, practice and coach”, we enable the employees to understand the core values of “Si Li Ji Ren” and master the Auto-Pilot Leadership Model that couples both oriental and occidental management wisdom.

New Employee Orientation

New employees infuse new blood into the development of a company, so we pay great attention to giving them basic training. Different departments and business units of the Company also put up with their own new employee orientation schemes according to their own situations, helping new employees to adapt to the work and the Company by giving classes and management sharing meetings as well as organizing visits to cross-regional workplace.

High-Potential Talent Training

We attach importance to the training of management personnel, so we are devoted to helping them to broaden their horizons and to keep on learning. We give training classes of a variety of courses in line with corporate strategies to improve the theoretical attainment and knowledge structure of high-potential talents. The curriculum covers areas such as leadership, innovation, digital application and customer experience.

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